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Welcome to Yacht Racing Business.

What is it all about? How can you get the most out of the site? These are some of the questions that this page is designed to answer. But first…

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Here are some of the most popular sections of the site. Each one has it’s own RSS feed, so if you use Google Reader or Flipboard you can get the latest from the part of the yacht racing world that suits you.

Yacht Racing People

The yacht racing industry involves professional sailors, the media, suppliers and sponsors, rights holders and promoters. Here are some of the people that are regularly in the news.

  • Ben Ainslie (Pro Sailor) – Latest News 
  • Mark Turner (Rights Holder, Extreme Sailing Series) – Latest News
  • Knut Frostad (Rights Holder, Volvo Ocean Race) – Latest News
  • Stephen Barclay (Rights Holder, America’s Cup) – Latest News

Premium Content

Creating original content is time consuming. We don’t just cut-and paste. Some of our articles have a small charge to read. We think that there is at least as much utility in each article as a cup of tea, so the price is low but it allows us to keep providing content.

If you are an advertiser and want to sponsor content  so that our audience can read it for free, then get in touch. Sponsored stories cost as little as £50.

Day Pass – Perfect for Researchers and Students 

Need to get up to speed fast? Want to read as many articles as you can in a short period? The day pass is for you. Pay once and mine as much of the high quality yacht racing business content as you can with no recurring payments. Whether you are looking for sponsorship options, checking out the competition or thinking about starting a new business in the yacht racing industry – all the information is on our site.

Weekly Subscription – Great for Event PROs and casual users 

Perhaps you don’t want to subscribe to the site for the whole year – you just want to see what mentions you get and the coverage we provide your event during the week or so that it is on. The weekly subscription is the way to go. Get full access to the site for as many weeks as you need and then decide how you want to play it. Don’t forget to unsubscribe though.

Monthly Subscription – For Yacht Racing Professionals in the know

 When was the last time you were in a meeting or a pitch and you wished you had known that the sponsorship deal had been announced the week before or that a city was going to host an event? Get the most important sailing business news filtered and worked into a format that is useful for you – for less than it will cost you to buy your crew a beer.