America’s Cup Boxed Up and Rolled Out Beside Admirals Cup.

Hamilton Island Race Week must be wishing they had got some sponsorship from QANTAS for their latest PR stunt. The regatta is hosting some of the world’s best sailors, but also some valuable silverware.

The carbon footprint and airmiles of the America’s Cup has been added to, with a flight to Hamilton Island to sit beside the Admirals Cup. It is the first time ever, the two significant trophies from sport of sailing have been displayed together.

The America’s Cup flew to Australia from San Francisco in a first-class passenger seat (cost circa $2400 each way). It is only the third time that the Cup has been seen in Australia, so its presence at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is high recognition of the stature that this regatta now holds on the international sailing scene.

The Admiral’s Cup is currently defended by Australia and Sydney’s Royal Prince Albert Yacht Club after Bob Oatley’s yacht Wild Oats won it in 2003.

While we don’t know if the America’s Cup’s flights are sponsored, the luxury luggage (or box) is courtesy of long-term sponsor Louis Vuitton. Vice Commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club Tom Ehman who travelled to Australia, with the Cup and two security officers said:

“The America’s Cup travels in a very large Louis Vuitton box which captures great attention at the airport.”

The America’s Cup visit to Audi Hamilton Island Race Week was organised by Iain Murray, the Commodore of Hamilton Island Yacht Club. Murray is also the CEO and Regatta Director for the next America’s Cup match, which will be staged in San Francisco in 2013. Murray’s direct association with the America’s Cup spans almost 30 years. In that time he has been credited with making significant contributions towards the development of the event, particularly through yacht design and development.

During Audi Hamilton Island Race Week Iain Murray and the Vice-Commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club, Tom Ehman, will be speaking at forums about the America’s Cup as an event.

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