Cowes Boat & Leisure Festival For Diamond Jubilee.

Cowes Fest - Diamond Jubilee WeekendThere is a lot going on in the UK in 2012. The Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee falls in the same year as the country will host the Olympics, and like all things British there will be pomp and ceremony and a lot of nostalgia.

It’s the kind of nostalgia that brings people to describe Cowes as “the home of yachting.”

The Boat & Leisure Festival is designed to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the 4th and 5th of June. There will be live music, hospitality and a great display of British boats and outdoor leisure activities.

James Brooke, Festival Director, commented:

“We’re really excited to be celebrating such an historic occasion and delighted to be working closely with the Cowes community to make this memorable family event a great success. We have previously organised major events at the Royal Windsor Racecourse and Earls Court and, for me, Cowes has to be the venue for such an occasion, given its historic links with our monarchy. It’s a perfect venue for an overtly British-themed event, and we’re proud that Cowes will be one of the most exciting places in the country to be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

In 1851, the Isle of Wight hosted a race which was to become the America’s Cup. In that sense, it could be argued that Cowes has been important in the world of yachting. The little town strains at the seams several times a year to host the J P Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race and the traditional Cowes Week regatta, but to call it the “home of world yachting” is a little bit of PR license…

Nevertheless, attractions for visitors will include:

“A display of  some of the finest British built yachts and motorboats, an exclusive preview of teams racing in the 2013 Cowes to Monte-Carlo Powerboat Race, a parade of fashion, and a range of outdoor leisure activities and accessories for families to see, try and buy.”

The Cowes Boat & Leisure Fest will take place at the Cowes Yacht Haven.

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